Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tartan Tumblers

To find a set of matched retro glasses takes time - sometimes years of patience and a good sized dose of luck. At this address, many sets of glasses have been collected and enjoyed, among which there exists a fabulous set of 12 tartan tumblers in charming colors. The horizontal stripes include a band of 3 yellow, 2 black and 3 grayish green, complemented with vertical stripes of red. From the varied signs of wear they exhibit, these glasses have been admired, held, and cheered at more than one tabletop.

But in the spirit of giving green and, of course, to further appreciate their fabulous design appeal, these glasses have taken on an expanded purpose - a mission of sorts. They are no longer merely drinking vessels, but simple missionaries of good design. They will be transformed into gifts this holiday season. They may be filled halfway with little glass beads and made into candle holders for small votives or tall tapers, or maybe hold small posies of boxwood and tiny flowers. They may be filled with candies and wrapped with criss-crossed ribbon and a bow at the top. They may...

Fortunately, there's still time to experiment how best to re-use and re-introduce them. Fortunately, good design is always in style.

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