Friday, March 27, 2009

Brain Spa

Brain anatomy. 16th century diagram of the anatomy of the human brain and the nerves associated with the senses of hearing, taste, sight and smell. The diagram, which is labeled in Latin, is from Magnus Hundt's Antropologium (Leipzig, 1501).

Have you been multitasking so much you feel you are losing your power of concentration? Treat yourself to a brain spa and sit in on a lecture from a great university. You don't need to take notes or prep for any exams, just find a seat, absorb the knowledge and stimulate your brain.

This week two new services, Academic Earth and YouTube EDU, have been launched to make your access to university classes even easier. There are no registration lines, no need to audit, no early classes, and no tuition fees. Try it and rejuvenate your brain!

Image courtesy of Sheila Terry / Science Photo Library

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