Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Twelfth Night

With the twelve days of Christmas concluded, I am finding new excuses to leave the tree decorated and indoors a little while longer. Perhaps it's the cozy scene it evokes in the evening with the lights delicately illuminating the ornaments? Perhaps it's the cheerful view of the home-made red tree skirt, embellished with smiling reindeer and sequined trees? Or perhaps it's the joy of having found our own Charlie Brown tree this year.

The sweet holiday scene above is from an old Johnson Brothers dish I keep on my desk. Most of the year, it's filled with clips and other important fasteners in various colors and sizes. But in December, in anticipation of the holiday decorating, I clear out the dish and enjoy the inspiring view it provides.

Next week, I'll think about trees and mulch, for now, the Christmas season continues at this address.

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