Saturday, September 27, 2008

Makeshift an Autumn Party

The changing colors of autumn and the pleasant cooler temperatures are inspiring for outdoor entertaining, yes. But, this address likes to keep it simple. With this in mind, may I endorse the concept of makeshift party furniture? And here, I mean makeshift in the kindest and earth-friendliest way.

If you need a large harvest table for your buffet or bar table, try reclaiming a sturdy base such as a pedestal topped with an old door or plank of wood. In Better Homes and Gardens, Sarah Wolf shows a party table created with a galvanized tank or trough balancing a wooden door. If you don't have a galvanized tank yet and always wanted one, thoughtful designer/blogger Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy recommends ones by Behlen and Dover Parkersburg.

Need extra seating? Eco-living guru/blogger Danny Seo's tree trunk chair makes a handsome perch. Without your own set of available firewood and a neighbor who doesn't want their tree taken out, try bales of hay. The bales can be grouped as benches and covered with old quilts for a softer settee.

Resourceful + Stylish = Makeshift!

Photograph courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

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