Saturday, February 14, 2009

British Design Classics by Mail

Royal Mail of Britain has introduced a set of stamps celebrating ten British Design Classics. We weren't surprised to see the English things we love as the Mini, the Routemaster and the red telephone kiosk, K2, among the juried selections. And we were glad to learn our fashion staple, the Mini Skirt, was invented by our fab fave, the very mod designer Mary Quant, who named the skirt after her favorite car. It's a set of stamps we could easily rename Our English Favorites.

We were gratified to see the Concorde, whose design was an English/French collaboration; the Underground map by Harry Beck which resembles beautiful circuitry; the Polypropylene chair we've all sat upon; the Anglepoise lamp which inspired the task lights that illuminate our worktable; and the easily identifiable orange book jacket from Penguin Books.

For more information on this collection of British Design Classics and other philatelic matters click over to Royal Mail.

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