Saturday, February 28, 2009

Handwrite Your Own Font

Despite warnings that neatness counted and penmanship was graded alongside academic subjects in school, the best handwriting from my pen or pencil ended up closer to chicken scratch. Now I've revisited my sloppy curves and uneven squiggles in an attempt to tidy up my handwriting to create a legible font.

YourFonts is a web-based tool that transformed my combo print/italic scribble-scrabble into a TrueType font free of charge. The process is simple and easily accomplished with a printer and scanner nearby. First, download the pdf template. Second, neatly fill in each box, staying clearly inside the designated boundaries. Third, scan the completed template and upload to YourFonts. Fourth, preview and download your new personalized font.

No more excuses for not writing a personal note!


  1. Can you make word documents with the font you create?

  2. Absolutely, just follow the directions at YourFonts for the type of system you are using. If you need more info, visit the help page,

  3. This is seriously cool. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Way cool! I could use this in my digi scrapping and it would still be my handwriting!! TY for sharing this!!

  5. Hi!

    Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

    I'd appreciate your letting me know if that's OK.


    Nancy Ward

  6. Hi Nancy,

    I'm so glad you found us at 973 Third.
    Welcome to you and you readers from PaperFriendly.

    Enjoy making your own fonts.

  7. This is no longer FREE. It costs $9.95.

  8. Thanks for letting us know. When I wrote about it back in February 2009, it was not very well-known. Perhaps the success of the free software helped launch the product?


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